Hammerheads Framing, McCall, Idaho


Our goal is to provide the highest quality of construction, a safe working environment and the best customer service at the most competitive price. We are dedicated to the continual achievement of quality framing and service. At Hammerheads, quality translates into meeting customer requirements in a consistent and timely manner.


The objective of the Hammerhead's construction process is to work smarter not harder. This is mainly accomplished by one major factor being the use of the pre-fab wall panel system. The advantage of this is that the walls are assembled in a controlled environment, which provides consistent quality fit and finishes. Additionally, the pre-fab wall system reduces cost, improves efficiency and speeds up the construction process.

In conjunction with the use of the pre-fab wall system, Hammerheads utilizes the use of self-erecting tower cranes. The benefit of using self-erecting tower cranes for framing is that it is the most efficient, safest and fastest ways to lift and move building supplies on the job site. Another benefit of using self-erecting tower cranes is that schedules are able to be better controlled and it saves money overall due to the proficient use of time.

The last part of the Hammerheads process and all-around convenience of using Hammerheads for your next framing project is that our superintendents are technologically savvy and will communicate in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking for your framing project to be managed to the utmost quality, Hammerheads of McCall is your framer of choice.

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